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Things to do on St Croix

Our Best Week Ever!

Day 1

Go to the beach of course!  Sunbathe, snorkel, nap, and repeat.  Go for a long walk along the shoreline and start beach combing, because you never know what treasures might find.  Visiting West End Beaches, such as Frederiksted, Dorsch and Rainbow Beach, increase your chances of finding beautiful sea glass and Chaney.  Make it a West End day and take a stroll along the waterfront.  As you make your way down Strand Street, head over to Louie & Nachos for lunch.  The cheeseburger taco is a favorite!  After lunch, stop in the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts or take a tour of Fort Frederik.  Later in the evening, take a moment to sort through what beach treasures you found and be sure to set aside your favorite pieces of sea glass and Chaney.

Day 2

In Christiansted, start your day with breakfast at Toast Diner, a favorite with the locals.  After breakfast, take a short walk along the Christiansted Boardwalk and stop by Chaney Chicks to say hello.  We are the friendliest little gift shop on St. Croix! If you bring your treasures into the shop, we will turn sea glass and Chaney into amazing one-of-a-kind pendants while you wait.  We’re also happy to share our story and why we decided to move to St. Croix. 

Next, gear up for a hike to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools on the North Shore.  There’s a trail entrance located at the Carambola Resort and the guard will happily point you in the right direction.  The hike takes approximately 45 minutes and is by far a Chaney Chicks favorite adventure activity.  If hiking isn’t your thing, then arrange for a Jeep tour to take you up the trail.  And if your still feeling adventurous…how about a Carambola Zip Line ride through the rain forest! 

While on the North Shore, take a moment to go for a swim and then walk along the beach at world famous Cane Bay.  Cane Bay is a popular beach for locals and visitors alike.  Take a walk along the sandy, palm tree lined beaches and search for more treasures.  Cane Bay is most famously known for a dive site named “The Wall” which attracts scuba divers from all around the world.  “The Wall” is located about 200 yards offshore and drops from 40 feet to over 3000 feet!  It is a natural wonder, teeming with breathtaking coral reefs and tropical marine life. It’s part of what is known as the Puerto Rico trench which is 497 miles long and reaches depths of over 25,000 feet.  There are many local dive shops for you to arrange a trip with.  At the end of this adventurous day, make sure you add your favorite beach treasures to your growing collection.

Day 3

Rise and shine!  Go and see the sunrise from Point Udall, the eastern most point in the United States.  Point Udall Monument is a large sundial that was named after Stewart Udall to honor his work to support the economy of the US Virgin Islands.  The panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea and Buck Island National Monument are stunning!

Just next door to Point Udall you’ll find the trail heads to hike to Jack and Isaac Bays.  This is not a difficult hike, but bring plenty of water because the trail has little to no shade. Plan to spend a few hours on the beaches, pack a lunch and cool off with a swim. It takes about 15 minutes to reach Isaac Bay and if you can push through another 20 minutes toward Jack Bay – it is well worth the effort.  Jack Bay may indeed be one of the best kept secrets on the island.  Stunning views, white sand wild beaches and the most gorgeous turquoise blue Caribbean water.  We recommend you continue beachcombing along both Jack and Isaac Bays and add to your growing collection of treasures! 

Day 4

Head West!  Spend the morning at Rainbow Beach where you can snorkel, enjoy the white sandy beach, and relax under the shade of a Grape Tree.  Rainbow Beach is a great place to find sea glass and Chaney, so be sure to add those treasures to your growing collection. 

After a few hours at the beach, hop in your Jeep and take a drive through the rain forest and you will discover the Mount Pillar Domino Club where you can feed the pigs.  Get those cameras ready for what happens next!  Or you can chill like a local and have some lunch at Rhythms Restaurant located on Rainbow Beach. 

In Frederiksted town, locate the I Love St. Croix sign on Frederiksted Beach, snap a selfie and tag Chaney Chicks!  This sign is adorned in the official madras of the US Virgin Islands.  Debbie Sun of Debbie Sun Designs is a local textile artist who created this madras over a 7-year process in collaboration with the Government of the USVI. Unique colors symbolize the rich beauty, culture, and history of the USVI.

Day 5

Snorkeling!  St. Croix is known for the some of the best snorkeling beaches in the Caribbean.  From the North Shore and Cane Bay to the West End and Dorsch Beach and back around to the East End and Cramer’s Park, you will not be disappointed.  And you don’t have to swim out far at all.  There are coral reefs full of colorful tropical fish just a few feet offshore.  After snorkeling, continue beachcombing and finding beautiful pieces of sea glass. If you are really lucky… might find a sea glass marble!  Ocean marbles are truly a rare find and Chaney Chicks can turn your marble into a unique pendant.  A real conversation piece to share with your family and friends back home.

Day 6

Duty Free Shopping!  Need we say more?  There are so many great places to shop along the boardwalk in Christiansted that are all within a few blocks of walking distance.  Stop by Chaney Chicks first and show us your collection of sea glass and Chaney.  We can turn your treasures into beautiful wire wrapped pendants while you wait. This is truly a personalized souvenir! If you have multiple pieces to wrap, feel free to leave them at the shop and stop in later to pick them up.  In the meantime, you can take a 90 second ferry ride to Hotel on the Cay to enjoy lunch and chill with the iguanas.  By the time you get back Chaney Chicks will have your custom jewelry finished.  For every 5 pendants you have wrapped – the 6th pendant is free!

After a day of duty-free shopping head West and book a sunset sail out of Frederiksted.  Enjoy your last evening on the island and absorb the beauty of the Caribbean Ocean and that famous Virgin Island sunset. 

Day 7

The last day of your Caribbean vacation may be met with some questions such as, “Why can’t we live here?”  Well, our answer is you can!  If you can dream it, you can make it happen.  St. Croix is a welcoming place to live and work.  At Chaney Chicks, we are happy to share our story and our love for this Caribbean Island with you.  Just ask! 

When you arrive home, count your blessings and if you feel drawn to return to St. Croix…well you might have just found yourself on a new journey. Safe travels from Chaney Chicks!  We can’t thank you enough for your business and continued support.  Come back and visit us soon!

Zach & Heather